Running over a screw, nail, hitting a curve, tire blowout or dropping in a pot hole with a brand-new, perfect tire can be very upsetting, which is a common occurrence on under-construction areas or just in any normal driving conditions. A flat tire can be replaced or repaired with a plug.
Got a flat tire in Atlanta or the surrounding areas Fs Pro Roadside Assistance technicians will assist you with your flat tire change, by swapping out your bad tire for your car spare tire. The spare tire is required in order for our technicians to be able to effectively make the change. Spare tire must be mounted on rim, and inflated in order to be used. Tire air pressure level will be checked , if pressure is below required level the technician will inflate to the proper PSI.
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  • Price starts at $50
  • Depending On Location And Vehicle Type

  • Nightly Rates Apply


Tire plug can be an alternative to a spare tire change in certain circumstances. Usually in cases of a small puncture for instance running over a small nail, screw or piece of metal. A tire plug is a strip of leather covered in a rubber compound, which is inserted into the hole and typically seals on the inside of the tire.
  • Price starts at $70
  • Depending On Location And Vehicle Type

  • Nightly Rates Apply


Please be sure spare tire is inflated, tire will be checked for proper PSI prior to change. If for any reason the technician has to add additional air to the tire you will be charged an additional fee.
  • Price for Tire Inflation $10 for the intial tire inflation and $5 for each tire after


This is an additional service charge to the flat tire change. 
  • Price for Damaged/Stripped Nut start at $30
  • Price for Lug Nut Key Removal starts at $30


Will swap out all 4 tires, please note tires must be mounted on rim in order to be installed.
ex: switching out your old wheels for news.
  • Price for Tire Installation starts at  $120


If you need to access your spare but do not have the spare tire release key. Our technicians will release the spare for you.
Please note our technicians carry the most common tools/keys and there is no guarantee will be able to release the spare.
We Service All SUV's, Sedans, Vans (mini cargo), and Trucks (4 wheel max)
  • Price for Spare Release Key starts at $30
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